Ich gehe nicht ohne Euch Worte zu hinterlassen...


Meine HP entstand um meine Vergangenheit und das Erlebte zu verarbeiten.
Es hat mir gut getan und auf viele liebe Menschen durfte ich dadurch treffen.
Aber es ist nun an der Zeit (m)einem Neuen Lebensabschnitt entgegen zu gehen.
In meiner HP steckt soviel von meinen Gedanken, Gefühle aber auch viel Zeit.
Werde sie nun Euch überlassen und komme ab und an vorbei
um nach dem Rechten zu sehen und natürlich ins GB ;-)
Freue mich auch über jeden Gruß von Euch.
Laßt Euch nicht unterkriegen von negativen Gedanken,
lächelt ihnen entgegen und schaut in die Sonnenseite
des Lebens!
Es lohnt sich!
Alles Liebe und Gute, Angel


Danke an die lieben Menschen,
die mir immer noch treu zur Seite stehen!


Herzlichen Dank an alle npage-Voter :-D und mir somit den 3. Platz ermöglicht haben :-D
Hatte das Voting schon ganz vergessen, umso größer war die Freude! :-*



Meine Seite wird zwar zur Zeit nicht weiter geführt, aber ich möchte sie gerne erhalten                                                 und schaue daher auch regelmäßig vorbei.

Danke Euch für`s vorbei schauen, Euren lieben Einträgen und hoffe                                                                              dem ein und anderen etwas positives Denken mit auf den Weg geben zu können.

Liebe Grüße Angel



Seite wurde neu bearbeitet. Nicht mehr funktionierende Links entfernt und demnächst werden Eure neuen Link-Anfragen gerne dazugefügt.

Danke Euch das ihr vorbei gerschaut habt :-D


Lg Angel


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Oscar (Homepage) hat am 22.01.2019 18:07:30 geschrieben :

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Sonia (Homepage) hat am 22.01.2019 15:16:50 geschrieben :

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Can anyone explain their feelings on this topic? Do you feel that sex is a duty of the man to the wife?
(I not talking about people who are dating, or just casually having sex.
I mean MARRIAGE ONLY). This is such an interesting topic, because ever since I was of age to talk about sex,
I was told that it was my duty as a wife to please my husband.
Of course it no issue for me. I love making love.

But I couldn help but put myself in her shoes
and wonder what it like feeling that way.

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Mobile apps are not supported on all devices. To subscribe to print delivery at
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I've only seen them in black, I feel there could be more color selection. It is very comfortable though.
It's definitely not for advanced users. I should provide a bit of context:
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I lived outside and used the knife for all sorts
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3 days after that, I shot dope for the first time since my release and promptly overdosed; it took 3 vials
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anal sex toys Holiday wise, if your partner is
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It's just not enough stimulation or sometimes too much.
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Different people react to sexual activity in different ways,
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They have no odor (that would be weird, if they did!).
The color is really nice, and they feel very nice to the touch.
The only possible drawback to these is that they do run a bit small, so
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next will surprise you. And, who circumnavigated Australia first a
French monkey or a South African cat?. I don't think it's a question that can be answered in the abstract.
Certainly, I feel more confident and comfortable with my body now, at 35, than I did when I first started having sex at
17, with a partner who was 31 and much more experienced than I
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anal sex toys When he left for school yesterday, he came online and said "i gotta run, but i just wanted to say hey. I'm thinking about you like crazy".

I told him, "It's only been one day!" (I wanted to say the same,
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As for the tickler, it is a nice light feeling. It is only about 7 inches high in the back, 6 inches high in the front, 3.25 inches across and 1.5 inches thick.

I don't know if you can consider it a discreet package because it
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anal sex toys I dunno y. But i guess im just shy. But he does that too.

For anyone that wants to complain about the actions of the officer, stating that not enough is done to
prevent other animal cruelties, such as the use
of whale in lipstick, the use of fox fur in coats, the use if leather in duty belts,
why not look at this a different way? this could be
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Woodson is a diagnosed schizophrenic, but this was a planned action, not a schizophrenic episode.
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Cristine (Homepage) hat am 22.01.2019 07:46:14 geschrieben :

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Cheap Jerseys from china Yes, the president did speak about all he could do with where he
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Is a 37 year old woman with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She wanted a baby but when she was pregnant, became ill, and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. She then said she couldn't cope with having a baby and began requesting an abortion.

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Tahlia (Homepage) hat am 22.01.2019 06:49:25 geschrieben :

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Verena (Homepage) hat am 22.01.2019 02:47:20 geschrieben :

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your
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Teresita (Homepage) hat am 22.01.2019 01:08:46 geschrieben :

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Ashly (Homepage) hat am 21.01.2019 18:00:25 geschrieben :

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wholesale sex toys
This glass toy couldn't be any simpler to take care of.

It's top rack dishwasher safe, you can boil it to sterilize, bleach it with
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I don't know about the Venus Vamp part but it
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Claudette (Homepage) hat am 21.01.2019 07:27:32 geschrieben :

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From experience what people are looking for," Hughes said.3856 Southwestern Blvd. (at Abbott Road)Distance from One Bills Drive: 0.3 milesThe skinny: Stadium Mobil sells gasoline but also has a convenience store with a beer cooler, sub shop (formerly a Subway location) and outdoor ATM.Beer attracts the most customers on gamedays, owner Sobi Khanna said."It's going
to be a mob, and I'm prepared for it," he said. "They'll buy anything.

Cheap Jerseys free shipping James spoke before a strategically placed VitaWater vending machine this awfulness
was sponsored by the producers of that faux
healthy neon alien sweat. The VitaWater people adorn their product with a of Happiness slogan, which I always found ridiculous.
As I snickered at the screen hogging machine, I felt as though I pursued masochism.

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wholesale jerseys Now comes the final step; attaching the sides.

This step varies for everyone so I will give just basic instructions.
Put on your chainmail tunic and with the help of a
friend measure the distance between the 2 sides,
don't pull it too tight across your body or you won't be able to get it on (or off).
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cheap jerseys For one thing, regardless of what unemployment numbers tell
you, it is what they don't tell you that you should be paying attention to.

Whether or not the number rises or falls, it does not take into account the
unemployed who gave up looking for work, so
the numbers are actually A LOT higher than are being
reported. Our national debt is now over $20 trillion.
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wholesale jerseys from china Earlier this week, New York Gov.
Andrew Cuomo said money should come from anywhere but his state.
"It's not my tunnel," Cuomo told reporters. "With work and my family occupying most of my time and energy, I feel the continuous pressure to meet my responsibilities. I constantly on going and I never sleep or relax. I have no idea how to pull myself out of this cycle! day long, virtually every day, I feel imprisoned by email, Facebook, my cell phone, and my Blackberry. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale nfl jerseys from china After lubricating stuffer or stuffing attachment with shortening, load casing onto attachment, clipping end with a clothespin. Stuff meat into casings, trying to avoid air pockets. After stuffing is finished lay out on counter and tie off end. Often the world's best sluggers will watch a pitch or two pass over home plate and into the catcher's mitt. Some of them are fastballs that could have easily been smacked out of the park. Why do they do it? To calibrate the ball's track, explained Ken Fuld, a psychologist at the University of New Hampshire.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys free shipping Goalkeepers did not generally wear gloves in the early 1900s. There is no mention of gloves in the original 1863 Laws of the Game, so a goalkeeper would not have been breaking any rules if he wanted to keep his hands warm. However, while it is possible that some goalies wore woolen gloves or gardening gloves, there is no recorded evidence of them doing so. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

wholesale nfl jerseys So if it's Australia, Croatia, we're both winners anyway, so it doesn't really matter.CROATIAN SUPPORTER: I've been following them from day one since they became a country. I haven't backed off from this World Cup, and I'm going to stick with them all the way, all the way. I'm not changing, so.. wholesale nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china Compared to the numerous, successful players who conform to that type, Federer seems almost frail, and certainly lacking in the departments of sheer physicality and power (but does anyone dare question his stamina now?). Yet there he was, serving two aces to every one hit by his opponent in the Wimbledon final a player (Andy Roddick) who better conforms to the theoretical contemporary model. Federer greatest weapon is that, like Laver before him, he doesn really have one or two shots that stand out as such; if you insist on the "two weapons" theory, try these: they Federer versatility and his feet. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale nfl jerseys from china This is the proper way to hold a caliper. Use your thumb to slide the jaws open and closed. Yup, another tool that was totally designed for righties. "We had that bye week, renew our mind, get away
from the game, see some friends and family," Wentz said. "But toward the end of
the week, I was champing at the bit to get back here. I was
ready to go, and for me, once we're here and we're in football
mood, it's really easy for me to be locked in." wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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With the Caribbean debacle, many players's contracts are likely to be
questioned as will cricket strategies of many brands.
So far, the performance of the player, the number of matches he played and his place
in the squad determined his annual income
from a particular brand. But now the performance of the team and the individual player will be
woven into contracts so that the brand is protected from any downside in the fortunes of the team and the player.

wholesale jerseys from china It has a stainless steel mesh filter, due to which the juice is well
filtered. There is an extra large pulp container, which ensures one does
not have to worry about the pulp overflowing from the
container, when one is using the juicer. The 3 inch feed
chute is sufficiently large enough to push large pieces of fruit and vegetable pieces..

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cheap jerseys Lisa Piken Koper: "Not necessarily. The plans, again, are managed. That's inventory that each retailer owns, including team retailers. Agent. Needed, but their flaws were magnified by their power. Capable of great deeds, they often did terrible things just as often as they accomplished heroic ones. cheap jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys Wilson said.Even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has added his voice to the fast growing chorus. Keep encouraging folks to have Jersey Pride! Newark Mayor Cory Booker also expressed Twitter support, saying of the site, definitely going to check it out. wholesale nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys If you perpetuate that the world is going to end and that there are millions of scared, little morons willing to execute other humans that may be in need as they approach the property might get what you wish for. However, it wouldn be for any other reason than that person that yelled It going to ramp up like a stampede because of TV The news and shows like this are such a tremendous waste of energy and talent. Look to the future, its fine if you make it so. wholesale jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys from china In the reality show Australian Survivor there are 16 people. They are divided into two tribes made up of eight people. One of the tribes is called Tipara and the other one is Kadina. The fecking footballers would always go for big strong hurlers. Conal Keaney played hurling only up until minor. Liam g hEineachin from Kilmacud was a serious hurler. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

cheap nfl jerseys Famous sportsmen and sportswomen from all around the world have long held our fascination for living glamorous lives and getting paid tons of money for playing our favorite games. But behind all the glamor and flashlights are long hours of struggle, loneliness and personal failures that are known only to them. This side is never shown to the public eye, and the only people who can truly understand the pressures involved are fellow sports personalities. cheap nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys from china Carolina Hurricanes goalie Anton Khudobin makes a save on Toronto Maple Leafs David Clarkson during second period NHL action in Toronto, Monday, Jan. 19, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank GunnBecause this is Toronto and a simple losing streak is not enough, there is now the added controversial element of swift justice being levied against the three dim bulbs who saw fit to toss Leafs jerseys onto the ice in a 4 1 loss to Carolina on Monday. wholesale jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys from china Many times the difference between 9 and 10 speed parts is enough to make them incompatible as well. The collective term for a complete bike drivetrain kit is "group" or "gruppo." Multi speed drivetrains are classified by the number of cogs in the rear cassette. A modern day 10 speed bicycle can have as many as 30 "possible gears," with 10 in the rear and three in the front, but still have a 10 speed drivetrain.. Cheap Jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys from china Christina Bradley, the woman minister at the centre of the Presbyterian gender row in Portadown spoke out for the first time on Sunday Sequence this morning. A traditional joint Christmas Day service involving two Presbyterian churches in the town was cancelled this year after the male minister of First Portadown church, the Revd Stafford Carson, was not prepared to share his pulpit with the female minister of Armagh Road Presbyterian, the Revd Christiana Bradley. Mrs Bradley described how her ministerial colleague had hurt her "deep
down to the marrow of my bones" wholesale jerseys from china.

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This is a good tree of color to start with and is basically a hardy variety of the Redbud tree and
you will be glad you planted at least one in your yard.
She is a cancer and stroke survivor who is able to strive forward each and everyday to welcome the beauty of this small
planet. She also is a China Porcelain painter, Sandblasting Etching,
Stained Glass fused glass Artisan.

wholesale jerseys The latest research from Johns Hopkins University estimates that 20 percent
of the population has a hearing loss significant enough that it
impedes the ability to understand speech without an accommodation.
An estimated 1 percent use American Sign Language as their first
language and are part of the deaf community that more than 50,000 people
in Minnesota. It time for the private and nonprofit sectors to understand that deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people not only have the right to
engage in the activities sponsored by local communities, but to assume that they want to participate by
including the cost of that participation in their budget planning..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Trench warfare was often about which army outlasted the other.
This often led to trench raids, in which one side would jump out of their trenches, race over
no mans land to the enemies trench to begin close quarter combat.
To counter this, soldiers would place barbed wires across no mans lands, which would make it difficult for charging soldiers to cover
ground easily. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

cheap nfl jerseys ESPN. America,. ESPN,. ESPN2,. EUROSPORT,.
FOX,. If someone is murdered as they are confined and/or during
a robbery, all parties can be convicted of first degree.
I don know what will happen in this case obviously.
But I wanted to clear up confusions about the law. cheap nfl

wholesale jerseys from china All of those elements are coming together at the same time."For years, law enforcement officials have called that a "perfect storm" of challenging factors."Recognizing that all the ingredients
of a perfect storm may exist, every resource
and asset that we have will be deployed," added Joslyn, chief of the sheriff's Police Services Division. "Working
with our partners in law enforcement, we're confident that we will be able to
provide a safe experience and give people [a positive]
game day experience."Two factors especially promise to put law enforcement officials on high alert: the time of the game and the opponent. Kickoff, expected to have a huge impact on pre game drinking. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale nfl jerseys She can keep her phone charged through the car battery but it has no cell service. So, amber is left terrifyingly unmoored from the two great anchors of modern life transportation and communication. Hopefully, it doesn't take too long to be found. wholesale nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys from china But he went there, and he famously repainted the entire city himself. Senate. He joins us now from a terminal at Washington National Airport. Big high rise buildings are not wanted in Jersey. Anything that has to be built there should be kept low level.Anon, St HelierI think we should increase population density in town with high rise apartments. Limiting ourselves to a few stories requires that people live further away from work and commute in, we have small living areas and any expansion goes into our green areas.I do think that concentrating development on the waterfront is the wrong thing to do. Cheap Jerseys from china

wholesale nfl jerseys A tunnel was dug, starting underneath the stove in the hut, to go under the wall and come up to breakthrough in the outside world. The night came for the attempt and the crew started to wriggle through the tunnel until it came to Tiny's turn, when he got well and truly stuck. His mates took so long to free him that, by the time they were able to break out, it was daylight. wholesale nfl jerseys

cheap jerseys "The Maryland football team is giving Under Armour
a great platform to showcase their creativity," said Marc Bluestein, president and CEO of Aquarius Sports and Entertainment, a Gaithersburg based marketing firm. "Baseball teams might wear camouflage uniforms for the military.

What Maryland and Under Armour are doing would be kind of out
front of what other schools are doing in terms of creating uniforms that
have some sort of meaning." cheap jerseys.

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